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Welcome to Whisky Brands Headquarters. This site serves as a one-stop resource for information on all major Whisky brands. We’ll also detail the different types of Whisky, such as Scotch and Bourbon, the different types of malts, as well as the Whisky aging process.


Whisky (also spelled “whiskey”, depending on the type) is a distilled alcoholic drink made from water, grain and yeast. It is made by mashing grain with water, then mixing with yeast and allowed to ferment. This mixture is then distilled then aged in oak barrels.

The grain used for whisky can be of any type, but is often either barley, rye or corn. Usually, barley or rye are malted (germinated by soaking in water, then dried) before fermentation, in order to release their sugars.

The type of grain, as well as the malting and aging process is what gives different types of whisky their distinct flavors.

Whisky Brands

There are hundreds of whisky brands of all different types. Whisky can be made with any type of grain, be malted or unmalted and distilled from only one distillery or blended from multiple distilleries. They can also be aged for a variable length of time—anywhere from a few months to 30 years.

Below are some of the popular brands of whisky (in no particular order):

  • Jameson Irish whiskey
  • Sazerac Rye whiskey
  • Glenlivet Scotch whisky
  • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey
  • Marker’s Mark Bourbon whiskey
  • Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky
  • Jim Beam Bourbon whiskey

Types of whisky

There are many, many different types of whisky—American, Scotch, Irish, Canadian and Japanese just to name a few. Below is a brief description on some of the popular types of whisky.

Scotch whisky

Scotch whisky is a whisky made of malt or grain. In order for a whisky to be considered Scotch, it must be made and then aged for at least three years in Scotland.

There are five different types of Scotches: single malt Scotch whisky, single grain Scotch whisky, blended malt Scotch whisky, blended grain Scotch whisky and blended Scotch whisky. The type depends on the ingredients (malt or grain) and if it was distilled in one or more distillery.

American whiskeys

American whiskeys are made by distilling a fermented cereal grain mash, and must be distilled to at most 80% abv (alcohol by volume). There are several types of American whiskeys which include:

  • Malt whiskey – must be made from at least a 51% malted barley mash
  • Rye whiskey – must be made from at least a 51% rye mash
  • Rye malt whiskey – same as above, except the rye must be malted
  • Bourbon whiskey – must be made from at least a 51% corn mash. Also, any whiskey branded as “Tennessee whiskey” is considered a Bourbon.
  • Corn whiskey – must be made from at least a 80% corn mash
  • Wheat whiskey – must be made of at least a 51% wheat mash

Irish whiskeys

Similar to how Scotch must be aged in Scotland for at least three years, Irish whiskeys must be aged in Ireland for at least three years. Irish whiskeys are generally distilled three times using a column still. Unpeated (peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation) malt is most frequently used for Irish whiskeys.

Several types of Irish whiskeys include:

  • Single malt – whiskey made with one type of malt grain, and made in only one distillery
  • Single grain – whiskey made with whole grains of more than one type of malted or unmalted grain. This type is also made only from one distillery
  • Blended – a blend of two or more single malt whiskeys made from different distilleries
  • Single pot still – whiskey made from a malted barley and unmalted green barley mash in a pot still